Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Fitness Lover

I can’t believe the holidays have creeped up on us already (especially with all the summer weather we’ve had in November). Here are some of my favorite products gifts to give and receive as a fitness lover.

Workout Clothes & Shoes

  • Muscle Tanks
    In college, I was notorious for cutting all the sleeves off of my tees and turning them into muscle tanks. Now, I leave it to the professionals. These muscle tanks for guys and these ones for women are great for staying cool and showing off those gains.
  • Dad Hats
    There’s just something about wearing a dad hat while training that makes you feel like a total bad*ss. My favorite are these cheeky ones from BulkGear.
  • Gym Sneakers
    The right shoes can make all the difference in the gym, and many people hold onto their shoes way longer than they should. I’m a big fan of Reebok Nanos for cross training and Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars for heavy weightlifting.

Home Gym Equipment

  • Medicine Balls
    So underrated, but such a great piece of equipment for HIIT workouts, abs, and lower body workouts. I always recommend these affordable ones from Amazon to my clients
  • Dumbbells
    If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a couple pairs of dumbbells on hand. While there has been a huge shortage of dumbbells for the past several months, I’ve had good luck with these dumbbells from Rogue.

Stocking Stuffers

  • Resistance Bands
    A set of loop resistance bands that won’t slip are the perfect stocking stuffer! I love this set from Amazon and recommend it to all my clients.
  • Protein Bars
    I love finding chocolate in my stocking, and it’s even better when it has protein and fiber in it! My personal favorites are PROBAR Coffee Crunch and Clif Builders Chocolate Mint.
  • Gifted Membership or Sessions to their Gym/Personal Trainer
    Most gyms and trainers will allow you to either purchase a gift card for their gym or pay for future months/sessions upfront. Note: this should only be gifted if your fitness lover is already a member of that gym or a client of that trainer. Otherwise things could be a little awkward.

Everything Else

Everything Else

  • Reusable Water Bottle
    Nalgene water bottles are always my go-to for reusable water bottles. They come in a variety of colors and are BPA free. I personally like this narrow mouth bottle and this lock top bottle.
  • Foam Roller
    It’s like a deep tissue massage on a stick. This one from Amazon is great for at-home or on-the-go.
  • Yoga Pad
    Nothing is worse than doing yoga or planks on a hardwood floor. This yoga pad from Amazon can help support elbows and knees from grinding into the floor.
  • Wireless Headphones
    There’s nothing worse than having your phone fall out of your pocket and your wired headphones rip out of your ears when you’re in the middle of lifting. These Apple AirPods are just what your fitness lover needs to keep lifting with minimal interruption.

Originally published at on November 12, 2020.



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Megan Hely

Megan Hely

Personal Trainer & Business Owner of Hustle N Muscles LLC